Machine shops are interested in using the kiosk in order to track the movement of tools in  working stations. Such tools are traditionally hard to tack because users pick up tools from their designated area and put them down elsewhere. This often leads to the implements being shelved incorrectly.

The RFID tool kiosk is designed to isolate the read field within the boundaries of the basket. Therefore, there can be no ambient reads of the tools that process RFID tags around or below the kiosk. A near field RFID antenna reads the user’s badge and a touch screen monitor assists the user in checking the item in/out, finding the storage location, or sending the tool calibration information.

tracking capability:

Differentiating identical tools through the use of HF RFID, all PinPoint™ products ensure that the tool that is checked out is the only tool that can be returned to the assigned location. Dual HF and UFH tagging provide the ability to track tools via HF RFID in the box and UHF outside of the box to assist with finding lost tools, as seen below.

The PinPoint™ TMS is the only product on the market that can do both