Introducing a new aircraft type is in many ways associated with some risk. Typically there is an end customer who expects operations to start on-time and then continue with a reasonable, or even a specific service level and reliability. Operator revenue is often linked to the service level, and the flying hour production and dispatch reliability is therefore the main focus of the planning and execution of a project.

Obviously the aircraft acquisition cost is a major factor in any aviation business venture. However, this part is known early on in a project and is therefore not high on the risk list. The continued support of a new aircraft type, both in terms of cost and performance is however an unknown and a risk. The outcome is highly dependent OEM support programs, spare part availability, and the ability of the support organization to preplan scheduled events and efficiently address unscheduled events.

The key to success lies in proper management of change,good systems,early preparation of the support organization, and a plan for knowledge transfer.

ACS has extensive experience in these matters and can assist your company in achieving excellence. An investment in ACS assistance is sound business sense.

An example of an ACS project process below (click to enlarge):