As part of the RFQ process, the OEM may provide an initial spares and tools list. These OEM provided lists for initial provisioning are usually generic. Consideration of specific operational requirements, such as local environment and MMEL is not applied. This may lead to less than optimal aircraft availability and financial issues.

ACS can carry out a detailed assessment of all factors and provide a customized initial provisioning list for both spares and tools.

This process involves consideration of the following selection criteria:

  • Aircraft Option Configuration
  • Number of Aircraft
  • Annual Utilization
  • Operation Type
  • Operating Conditions
  • Operating Bases
  • Reliability and Fleet History
  • AOG and Down-Time
  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • TAT and Part Availability
  • Inter-Base Shipping
  • Part Holding Cost
  • Annual Demand
  • Period of Concern