Information about the use of information capsules (cookies)


What is an information capsule?

An information capsule is a tiny file which is saved on your computer. We use these cookies to remember your login, to better the use of the user-experience for existing customers and as a part of our marketing to our new customers. When you visit this website, we put both temporary and lasting cookies. Temporary cookies often get deleted automatically on your computer after you close the browser. Lasting cookies on the other hand can stay on your computer up to 1 year.


Use information capsules

The websites use cookies for marketing purposes and analytics regarding traffic for the website and in order to improve the user experience on the website. All of the information that is saved are anonymous and is being processed by us for the above purpose. These tools often store cookies on the visitor’s computer. Some examples of the tools that are used are Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.


Avoid information capsules

You can prevent the cookies from being stored on your computer by specifying this in the settings of your browser. Be aware that you for an example won’t be able to log inn on various information if you reject all cookies.


Deleting information capsules

You can delete all cookies which has been stored on your computer from the settings of your browser. How this can be done may vary from website to website, and you can easily find out by browsing on the internet.


Accept the use of information capsules

According to the Norwegian law you automatically accept that we store cookies on your computer id you allow this through your settings on your browser.


This websites use AVG SSL-certificates to encryption of communicaton in our system.