The PinPoint tool control system offers three fully customizable configurations to meet the most common tool storage requirements. Each has a variety of options that are designed for use in rigorous aerospace environments, including manufacturing, MRO and line operations.


For Point of use



For larger items



For checking in/out



For the tools



Portable tool case


PinPoint software is a full-featured administration, monitoring and reporting application. Networking function enables PinPoint hardware to be connected anywhere standard LAN or wifi is available.

About PinPoint:

Accurate tool control reduces the risk of FOD. Every year, thousands of tools are misplaced or left in aircraft during assembly and maintenance activities. Each one represents a critical threat to safety.

Accurate tool control also improves efficiency of operations, but until now robust tool control procedures are manual and time consuming, with check-out, check-in, inventory and lost tool sweeps wasting tens of thousands of hours every year that would be better spent building , maintaining and productive activities.

Under development for more than five years, it has been put to the test and proven to decrease FOD risk and improve efficiencies in the kind of rigorous aerospace industry operations you manage every day.

Designed by aerospace experts for aerospace experts, the PinPoint tool control system brings together key technologies to provide the most complete, comprehensive and automated electronic tool control system available

 FOD risk reduction: PinPoint increases your ability to accurately track your tools

  • Automatic and complete user accountability encourages compliance
  • You always know what tools are in use and who is using them
  • You can easily who had a tool had a tool last and when it was assigned to them
  • Identifies tools that are rarely used so fewer tools are kept in the FOD-sensitive areas

Improved Efficiency: PinPoint allows you to reduce the cost of tools and tool control

  • Reduces or eliminates manual check-out and check-in processes
  • Reduces or eliminates tool inventory activities
  • Reduces the frequency and impact of lost tool recovery efforts
  • Identifies tools that are rarely used so they aren’t unnecessarily restocked