ACS is the Scandinavian sales representative for American Seal & Engineering Co. Inc., which is an independent, privately held designer and manufacturer of engineered resilient metallic seals and sealing systems for customers throughout the world.

American Seal & Engineering products are primarily used in seven different industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Space
  • Semi-Conductor and Vacuum
  • Energy

From the American Seal & Engineering’s website:

American Seal & Engineering’s products meet the most stringent requirements, from tiny seals used in semi conductors, to very large seals used in nuclear containment vessels. They consistently pass tests for exacting tolerances, high temperatures, high pressures and fatigue resistance. We do not offer off-the-shelf solutions or a “one product fits all” approach to our customers. We offer application-driven designed seals and sealing systems, engineered to comply with our customers’ program-design envelope. We work closely with our customers’ engineering team on site at our facility and at their research center or manufacturing facility from project inception through completion. Our commitment is to provide a sealing solution that meets the technical and commercial criteria as outlined by our customers.

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